Welcome to PR Podcast

In each PR Podcast, Arash and Mehdi talk to one of the creators and contributors of an open-source project.

Our focus is mostly on:

You are welcome to reach out to use in case you have an open-source project or if you know someone who you might find a good candidate for this podcast. Our email address is PRPodcast2020 at Gmail dot com.

Note: For now, all the episodes are in Farsi, something we hope that can change in the future. We are open to requests for having interview with developers in English.

Check out the source code

More than anything, this podcast is a place for us to improve ourselves as developers. So, as an interesting challenge, I decided to write the whole website without using any frameworks or libraries.

The code for the template engine, testing framework and the build system can be found in PR Podcast website repo

Why is the look of the site so primitive?

The design of the website is influenced by Brutalist Web Design principles. As a software developer, mostly working on back-end stuff, I'm not superb at aesthetics and web designs. Instead, I focused on usability and accessibility.

But, we are open to pull requests. So, if you are a web designer, and you think you can help with the way the website look, feel free to open a PR.